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Dental Crowns Woodbridge

A crown is an artificial tooth used on top of a tooth is damaged or decayed, but has been repaired and does not have any other problems. A crown protects the tooth from further damage, and provides the appearance of a real tooth that should look and function like normal.

Crowns can also be used to support bridgework and for cosmetic purposes to give the tooth, a more even shape.

Dental crowns come in different materials including metal and porcelain. Porcelain is more commonly used today because of its resilience and that its colour blends naturally with natural teeth.

If your tooth is in good health, but the appearance including colour and shape of the tooth is a concern to you, getting a dental crown might right for you.

With any dental procedure, it is vitally important to take care of your teeth even with the addition of a crown. Same as with natural teeth, regular brushing and flossing daily is important to help maintain the tooth under the crown stays healthy.

And if you have a dental crown, other dental work done or you have all your natural teeth, it is strongly advised to avoid the following habits:

  • Do not bite hard objects
  • Do not use teeth to open or cut into things

If you are considering getting a dental crown, call Woodbridge Dentistry today to book your appointment so one of our friendly and knowledgeable dentists can provide the best possible advice.