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Surgical Clean Air

Woodbridge Dentistry is committed to the health and safety of our patients. We follow the highest standards of hygiene and sterilization in our office, and with the Cascade White Air Purifier and the Jade Air Purifier, we are going beyond sterilizing and actually cleaning the air that we breathe!

Surgically Clean Air's purifiers use multi-stage air purifying technologies that work together to clean, purify and re-energize the indoor air. The six (6) stage filtration system captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), gases, mold, allergens, viruses, odors (like formaldehyde and smoke), bio-aerosols, and many other pollutants that are found in the inside air in workplaces. The negative ion generator makes indoor feel purer, clean and energized to help combat fatigue. For an air purifier to deliver its benefits throughout the indoor space it needs to move large volumes of air through its filtration system effectively without impacting those people that are closest to it or being too loud.

A Clean and Relaxing Dentist Experience

When you walk into any healthcare facility, you should feel confident that you are in a safe, clean environment where you will only become healthier. However, at a dental practice, where your mouth is open for long periods of time, patients need a guarantee that the area they are in is clean and safe for their body. We are providing our patients with that guarantee with our new air purifiers, so you can breathe a (clean) sigh of relief during your appointment.

What do we really Breathe in the Air?

The pollutants in the air that we breathe are the main cause of allergy symptoms and sometimes leading to serious health complications.

Some impurities are visible to the naked eye, they are less harmful, but still concerning, and make up to 10% of the pollutants in the air, including:

  • Allergens
  • Dust and Dirt
  • Skin Cells

Minuscule organisms, which can be more serious pollutants make up the remaining 90% of air impurities, including, but not limited to:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Mold
  • Viruses
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

The dangers of bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses are well-known, but VOCs are harmful, man-made chemical compounds that can be found in perfumes and air fresheners. All of these air impurities can make breathing difficult and cause serious, sometimes chronic, illnesses.

Our Air Purifiers vs. Impurities

Cascade White Air Purifier and Jade Air Purifier have shown resounding results. With a virus organism in the air, the test proved the air purifier removed 99% of the virus in less than 15 minutes. The same results were found in cases of fungal and bacterial organisms, making our purifiers perfect choices for our dental practice.

These purifiers are designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C light) to inactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms. As air is forced through the device, it passes UV lamps, which directly attempt to disinfect the air by means of germicidal radiation.

Woodbridge Dentistry's Commitment to a Clean Environment

Our staff, daily and diligently sterilizes the tools we use, the chairs our patients sit in, and our entire office. With our Cascade White Air Purifier and Jade Air Purifier, our dental practice will also have medical-grade, surgically clean air. No matter what time of the year or the infections spreading in the world, you will always have clean dentistry that you can trust at Woodbridge dentistry!

If you have any questions about our health and safety standards, or simply wish to know more about our practice, please do not hesitate to 905-832-0036