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Root Canal Treatment Woodbridge

"Root canal" refers to the natural cavity within the middle of the tooth. The tooth pulp is the soft area inside the root canal, which is where the tooth�s nerve is found. A root canal treatment is used to repair and save a tooth that is heavily decayed and becomes infected.

For people who need a root canal treatment, it should be done immediately in order to save the tooth that is decayed or infected. Without a root canal treatment, an infection or abscessed tooth can develop causing pain and discomfort, and the tooth will eventually fall out. If the abscessed tooth does not receive medical attention, you may also experience other significant problems including swelling that may spread to the face, neck or head.

Once a root canal is performed, you will not be able to feel the sensation of hot or cold; besides that, the tooth will look and function normally.

Call Woodbridge Dentistry if you are experiencing any pain. We want you to keep your original teeth for years to come. Before complications develop, visit your dentist for an examination and have the procedure necessary to keep your teeth in good shape.