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Nitrous Gas

For people who are anxious about having any dental procedure, nitrous gas, is a good option to consider. Nitrous gas is considered a minimal form of sedation that works to relax the patient, and wears off quickly when inhaling oxygen. Soon after the procedure, patients can go about their day they normally would, as long as they are mindful of post-operative instructions.

Regardless of the sedation you get, it is common to receive a local anesthetic, or numbing medication, at the area where the dental work is being done to prevent discomfort.

So our patients feel as comfortable as possible, Woodbridge Dentistry also offers several extra choices for sedation including nitrous oxide, oral sedation and intravenous conscious sedation.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide or "laughing gas" is given to patients through a mask that is placed over their nose. Nitrous oxide gas wears off quickly so patients are usually able to drive after the procedure and continue with their day. This form of sedation is also considered minimal.