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Tooth Care

Regular tooth care on a daily basis including brushing and flossing is important to help maintain tooth and gum health. Brushing and flossing takes minutes a day, and the payoff will be priceless. It is preferred to brush your teeth after every meal; at a minimum, teeth should be brushed at least once daily at night. This applies to anyone that has teeth at any age, from children to seniors.

Follow these steps to ensure you are brushing your teeth correctly:

  • Brush your teeth on a forty-five degree angle. Aim the bristles where you gums and teeth meet. Brushing gently, use a circular motion going up and down. It is important not to brush roughly, as it will cause gums to be damaged over time.
  • Make sure all sides of your teeth and tongue have been cleaned.
  • Clean your teeth thoroughly. Brushing should take you at least two to three minutes.

These are some steps to follow so that you are flossing correctly:

  • Tear off a piece of floss that is the distance from your shoulder to your hand. Wrap the floss around your index and middle finger, with a two-inch distance between your hands.
  • Begin to slide the floss between your teeth in a "c" shape close to the base of the teeth and gently under the gum line. Floss the area two to three times.
  • Make sure to floss both sides of each tooth and the backs of your last molars, the last sets of teeth in the mouth. Use a new section of floss as it wears or picks up particles to avoid spreading bacteria.
  • Floss your teeth before brushing. It will pick up particles where your toothbrush cannot reach and will help prevent gum disease and tooth decay.